Croghan Colonial Bank

Croghan Colonial Bank’s (CCB) client, Borgers Ohio, sought to fund a large equipment lease through CCB rather than their current provider. They also wanted to pay off their current provider’s lease in full.

Croghan Colonial Bank doesn’t provide leases as a part of their financial offerings, and had to find a way to meet their client’s need for a large equipment lease to enhance their relationship.

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Settlers Bank

Coextruded Plastics (CPT) sought to finance 2MM in new extrusion capabilities and additional thermoforming capacity. CPT and Settlers bank (Settlers) intended to partner on a SBA loan to finance the expansion.

The Certified Development Company shelved the transaction due to a lack of a bank partner for CPT, as Settlers bank could not fund the bank portion of the 2MM Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. Settlers Bank had already hit their credit limit with CPT, suspending the transaction.

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Madison Village

In 2014, Madison Village needed a new snow plow truck for their community. They found a dealership to purchase the truck from, but needed financing to spread payments out over the course of five years.

Although the Mack Truck dealership from which Madison Village intended to purchase the snow plow truck had manufacturer financing available, they did not offer municipal tax-exempt financing.

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Kirschenman Farms LLC

Kirschenman Farms LLC operates 2700 acres of row crop, raising mainly corn and soybeans while also maintaining a feedlot capacity of around 1800 head of cattle per year. They had a strong relationship with a bank partner for three years that helped them finance their operations.

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New Age Grain

New Age Grain farms a significant amount of acreage in Wisconsin. The company harvests and stores grain, and had intended to expand their storage capabilities with a new $1,350,000 grain bin.

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Winter Cooperative

Community-based grocery and hardware store Winter Cooperative has served their local community for nearly a century. To stay in business, Winter Cooperative needed to embark on a project to replace and update all of the store’s refrigeration equipment.

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