Portfolio Acquisition

AFN is always looking to purchase equipment lease/finance portfolios of any size.  Whether you are looking to limit your risk, recapitalize your business, leverage your investments, or exit the space, we are interested in speaking with lessors and lenders.  We utilize a data-driven risk-based pricing model and have expertise in both the small-ticket and middle-market commercial space.  Please call to discuss your needs!

Portfolio Servicing

Our administrative team has decades of experience in documentation, billing, collections, lease accounting and tax work.  We offer lease and loan portfolio servicing to help leverage our administrative resources.  Let us help you focus on sales by letting us take care of the rest of your business!

Funding & Syndication

With over thirty years of experience funding and syndicating equipment lease and loan transactions, AFN has a vast network of resources available.  While accepting ‘brokered’ business is not our business model, we will from time to time assist other lenders or lessors on a case by case basis on a one-off basis.  If you have a transaction that is outside of your wheelhouse, give us a call to talk about it!