Bankers Equipment Leasing

Bankers Equipment Leasing is a division of American Financial Network, Inc. (AFN) that focuses on providing equipment finance to commercial customers of community banks. Founded in 1988 AFN has developed expertise in middle-market, small ticket and municipal leasing. AFN’s professional credentials include, among others, Certified Lease & Finance Professional (CLFP)™, AACFB Best Practices Broker™, and AACFB Master Member™.

Benefits to Bank

Leasing may be the answer your financial institution has been searching for. AFN leasing programs and financial services have helped banks across the Midwest establish their own successful leasing programs. Leveraging our platform will offer:

  • Increased fee income
  • Higher return to your credit portfolio
  • Possible tax advantages
  • Diversification
  • Development of new customer relationships
  • Cross-selling of products to new customers

Your own lease portfolio can easily top your loan portfolio. Of the commercial, agricultural and municipal purchases made every year, approximately 25-35 percent are financed through a lease agreement. Chances are, your customers are leasing some equipment right now. In the future, they could lease from you.

The most important feature of a lease program from AFN is your lease program is yours. You manage the program like you want to. You fund it, you make the credit decisions and you reap the rewards.

Basics of Lending to Leasing Company

Leveraged Leasing w. Non-recourse lending

A leveraged lease is a structure whereby a leasing company puts up some of the money required to purchase the leased asset and borrows the rest from a lender. Non-recourse lending is a loan for which the borrower’s liability is limited to the collateral – in this case an assignment of the lease payments, leased collateral, lease guarantees, etc.

Common Reasons that Bankers Refer a Lease Client

Surprisingly, many bankers refer clients to us for reasons other than simply the customer asking to lease.  Those reasons include:

  • Timing. Use the speed & ease of a lease transaction
  • Credit. We have the ability to fund a much wider credit window than a bank
  • Exposure. Think of us as a way to extend your credit limits for your customer
  • Industry or Geography. We can lend nationwide and to less ‘desirable’ industries
  • Protection. We help to protect your accounts by saying ‘yes’ instead of letting a potential “no” drive them to a competitor.
  • 100% Financing. If customers don’t want to meet your down-payment requirements, let us help to close the gap
  • Creativity. We have been problem solvers for over 30 years by offering unique solutions in partnership with bankers. Our goal is to complement your bank offering – NOT replace it! We have numerous case studies that illustrate our problem solving experience. Please contact us for your specific challenge

Case Studies

Helping Clients Seize Opportunities

American Financial Network, Inc. offers a high level of professional experience and credit flexibility to deliver the right leasing or financing package. For all your equipment leasing needs, turn to the one-stop firm that will make your vision a reality.


Equipment Rental Business: Tiller, Trencher & Chipper in California


Aircraft Parts Manufacturer: Document Imaging in Ohio


Home Inspection Business: Computer & Software in Arizona


Vending Business: Disk Vending Machines in New Hampshire


Paper Distributor: Custom Software System in Florida


Farm Services Company: Trencher in Maryland


Pathology Laboratory: Multi-Solvent Recycler in Pennsylvania


Restaurant: Kitchen Equipment in California


Franchise Restaurant: POS Computer System in Ohio


Auto Body Shop: Auto Diagnostic Equipment in Michigan


Print Shop: Sign Cutting Plotter in Georgia


Metal Tooling Manufacturer: Trash Compaction Equipment in Ohio